WTF is this even?

This blog has been sitting on wordpress accumulating virtual dust for quite some time now. My BFF or whatever Lauren and I originally made it without really being sure what we were going to put on it or if we were even interesting enough to have a blog.

A while ago, we both decided after extensive reasearch (ie. me reading a few random articles) that we were going to start a strict paleo diet consisting of nothing containing grain, legumes, dairy, or anything processed. Through this we would get super skinny and post about our success for everyone to see and gawk at.

Yeah that didn’t work out.

Turns out she loves pizza and I love ice cream. And who wants to listen to us talk about eating meat and vegetables all day? We even got bored with that.

But – I like the idea of a blog. Because I like to speak my mind, but if you do it on facebook, you suck. And I have yet to figure out twitter. Plus we are really funny. I think people would be more likely to read posts by us if we keep it real.

So this blog is going to be an archive of Lauren and I narrating our lives; I’m keeping the name of the blog because it is totally relative to anything we would have to talk about. It is a proven fact that skinny people are happier than fat people. So we will stay skinny forevz.